As the owner of Cyber-Net Services Website Design and a self employed website designer, I have gained valuable experience in what a client wants when they are looking to have a new website developed or an existing website re-developed.

Having spent over 10 years as a solo website designer, I have found that most people/businesses tend to prefer to work with similar size companies as themselves. The good thing about website designers or website design companies is that they will have their own website and online portfolio as a perfect reflection of their skills and quality of work. If a website designer/agency does not have an quality website and portfolio themselves, then this could be a reflection to the services you may also receive.

Over the years, I have built up an extensive client base and web design portfolio. This is probably because I listen to the client, I enjoyed discussing and offering advice on all aspects of their business, not just the website design or website development and above all, I believe in offering great value website design services.

  • Website for Self-employed individuals
  • Small businesses and SME Web Designs
  • Business Start up Websites

For the above clients, I believe Cyber-Net Services can provide you with the best value for money website, web design service and web development. I am sure the general belief is that large website design agencies can turn big projects around quicker, maybe have more experience (as a combined group) and are more professional when dealing with large companies. I would generally agree with this and that is why we develop websites for local companies and individuals that we know we can support and deliver the goods.

If your website project is not massive, then don’t automatically dismiss the individual website designer, check out their previous work and judge for yourself. If you are a small business or start-up, don’t be put off by the bigger web design agencies, give them a call and find out if their starter packages work for you……You might be pleasantly surprised !

Ideally though you will find a website design agency who deliver with a personal and friendly approach, have a proven track record as website designer/developer and one that wont tie you into any contracts. I am proud to say that Cyber-Net Services is exactly that.