Do I Need a Website?2022-09-21T15:20:54+00:00

Having a website makes you look professional and increases trust in your customers.

Do you do updates on my live website ?2022-01-06T15:45:56+00:00

Cyber-Net Services will always support you with website updates, whether its a simple change to some text or you want a new photo gallery.

Some updates maybe done on a Free basis however, we strongly recommend opting for one of the website maintenance packages on offer to all clients. These allow an allocated time (per month) to complete update requests, provide support and time can also be used to get your website listed better on search engines – improving your online popularity.

Will my website be found on Google ?2016-10-14T09:28:10+00:00

At the end of the day, Google and other Search Engines are in control of what websites are displayed in what order.

There are however, standard known methods of achieving great rankings on Google and Cyber-Net Services will aim to meet top positions for your search terms. Obviously some search criteria and much harder to achieve and indeed, some are virtual impossible but this is information that Cyber-Net Services can advise you on.

For a more instant result on positioning rather than waiting for natural rankings to climb search engine ladders – try Google Adwords

Do you design and build e-commerce websites ?2016-10-14T09:28:10+00:00

Yes we do whether it a custom built ecommerce or we can build you a website using off the shelf e-commerce software such as WordPress WooCommerce which not only allows you to get selling online quickly and with a professional appearance but also can keep the costs down.

Besides pre-built e-commerce websites, Cyber-Net Services can build a custom design e-commerce store with Bespoke CMS System. This means the website is built to function exactly as you want it too.

Can you design a logo for us ?2013-09-27T10:44:40+00:00

Cyber-Net Services are happy to work with you to create an identity to your business.

Although as part of the website development process we will create something basic for you, we also offer a bespoke logo design service so that time and attention to detail can be put into affect – resulting in a perfect logo for you !

How much does a website cost ?2016-10-14T09:28:10+00:00

Its is very difficult to say how much a website will cost because there are so many factors to consider. Asking how much a website is to build is like asking how much a brand new car is ………it all depends on the car, the model, the specification and what the car can do.

There are lots of things to determine such as whether you need a bespoke website solutions, whether you want to sell products online (ecommerce website) or maybe you want some simple fancy features such as galleries, contact forms.

I would suggest speaking to a few web developers / designers and asking their advice. They will probably ask what your requirements are and if you are unsure what you want, then they will be able to advise you on the best options to suit your project budget.


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