Many of our website customer initially contact us via phone or email and it usually start with the same story; “We have been dealing with another website design company but we really need to find a new one”.

Typical complaints we get will be something along the lines of:

  • The website design was nothing like the brief that we sent
  • They are charging too much for small web design changes
  • They take too long to update my website
  • The website is not user friendly
  • The customer service is completely rubbish
  • My website is not getting listed on Google

It has been established that the problem usually lies with a sales person who is quite simply acting as the middle man between the client and the website design agency. These will generally sell a serviced based on ‘Get the Sale’ rather than understanding the clients requirements and what the website design agency can deliver. They will offer the world to get the customer to have their website developed with them.

Cyber-Net Services Website Design team do not sell website or web design services…..we get all our customer through recomendation and via our website. We listen to the customer and when we speak to you or email you about your website……….your are dealing with the website developer direct and therefore you will get the result that you want and are told you will get with your website. If there is no direct communication between the website developer and the client, then the brief can be relayed incorrectly, resulting in a website that is nowhere near the clients’ requirements.

It is really important as a client, to ask as many questions as you can to the person the website design/development agency. Ask them if they are the website designer or the website developer and what they can offer and guarantee. Take a look at the website development projects they have done and do a little research before enquiring and prepare a few testing questions.

Here at Cyber-Net Services Web Design in Warrington, we do not have ‘sales people’. The briefs that our clients send us are perfectly communicated to our website designers because they are the web designer, resulting in stunning websites to the highest of standards as expected from our clients.

If you would like to speak with one of our website designers, please contact us.